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From: James Mahaffy (
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 18:37:05 EST

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    Someone suggested to me on the Christian biologists list that I should
    add Cornelius Hunter's Darwin's God to the annotated bibliography that I
    make students read here at Dordt.

    While I have the book, I have not done more than skimmed it so I don't
    have a good feel for how good it is or if it has good arguments that
    under grads should grapple with. While I know it is favored by the ID
    movement, I would like feedback from others on how good and important
    this book is. I did not find much in terms of reviews on the Web - but
    I gather the author may be trying to show that Darwin was gripped with a
    world and life view that affected what he did. I agree with that
    principle but does the author do that as well as many of the other
    Christian authors.

    I do not hesitate to add it because it is ID. I think Behe, Dembski
    and Johnson have brought important ideas into the intellectual forum and
    so have extensively and somewhat favorably annotated them. I just don't
    get the feel that Hunter has had the same impact.

    I would appreciate any feedback any of you might have.

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