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Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 09:05:09 EST

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    Hi Michael,

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    >I think Ted's getting a good balance.
    >I am coming to the conclusion that for every YEC from 1800 to 1850 there
    >were at least 5 OEC, and more in the Churches of Scotland and England.
    >I hope that makes things clearer than an Aberdeen sea mist

    I agree that Ted has the proper balance here. In response to your statement
    of 5 oec's for every yec between 1800 and 1850 that is probably correct also
    but remember the view that the oec's held--old-earth and global flood. In
    the books I am reading much was made of the conformance between the late
    geologic appearance of human remains and the late creation of man in Genesis
    1. Once the diluvium was understood to be from glaciers not from a global
    flood, and that position was abandoned, people split in two directions as
    near as I can tell. Some who felt the need to have a global flood were
    forced to the YEC position and others interpreted the flood as having had no
    geologic effect and leaving no evidence for itself. But since this last
    position has no preaching value (how do you rouse a crowd by telling them
    that the Bible is true but you have no evidence with which to back up that
    position), the YECs began to have some sway among the laity which may not
    have been evidenced in the more educated clergy. Indeed, in Testimony of the
    Rocks, Miller cites but doesn't name, several guys who visited Edinburgh
    preaching YEC in the 1850s.

    And as to the Aberdeen sea mists (known locally as haars (sp?)) Your post
    held extreme clarity by comparision. For those who have never experienced a
    haar, you can't even see 100 feet when they are really bad and they can last
    for days.

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