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From: Allen Roy (
Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 22:19:58 EST

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    From: Ted Davis <>
    > By the latter half of the 19th century, to the best of my knowledge, the
    > position had pretty much faded into obscurity among educated Christians,
    > though the hoi polloi might have held YE views more widely (it's always
    > to know about the hoi polloi at this historical distance). SDA people (as
    > Ron Numbers notes) held YE views quite strongly and still do. They also
    > combined this with "flood geology" for the combination that is now YEC.
    > thinks the combination was rare or unknown outside SDA circles for
    > I think it was more widely held than Ron thinks, but still not very widely
    > held among educated Christians.

    Just a minor correction. Technically, most SDA thought on origins, from
    White, Price, Marsh, Coffin, Klotz and others, is not typical YEC. They
    have long proposed that the Creation week was only some 6000+/- years ago,
    but hold the position that the universe could be very old. While the
    universe might be old, the evolution of life forms is disallowed, and the
    majority of the geologic record is considered to be Flood deposition.

    Allen Roy

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