Re: Research tools at the ASA web site

Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 21:00:15 EST

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    Paul (and Terry)-
    Perhaps I haven't checked out the ASA online pubs lately, but the HTML simply
    runs on with no indication of where the original pages begin and end. If a
    person has access to the original journal then s/he doesn't need an online
    version. But for those readers whose only access is online, it would be nice
    to be able to cite that 'such-and-such' a quote is on page 45 of vol. 50 (for

    Terry's comment about the search engine is certainly a major consideration
    that I hadn't thought of.

    Karl V. Evans

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    << Karl,
     Exactly what are you getting at here? I hate PDF because it takes so long to
    load and so long to scan through.
     Paul >>

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