Re: John Murray 1840 young earther

From: Gordon Simons (
Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 02:01:12 EST

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    Nice piece, Glenn.

    "Christian experts" can not be blamed for failing to correlate data
    correctly with the biblical record, but they can be blamed for ignoring
    altogether readily available but embarrassing data.

    It seems easy to imagine at the beginning of the twenty-second century,
    another "Glenn Morton" purchasing similar (by then) hard-to-find
    twentieth century apologetic writings, and critiquing the misapplications
    of science by reputed "Christian experts" of the twentieth century. There
    is surely nothing peculiar, in this regard, about John Murray.

    The redeeming part in all of this is that, despite our many "pimples," we
    shall all one day be gathered together in celebration at the "Marriage
    Supper of the Lamb!"

    Gordon Simons

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