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Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 23:05:04 EST

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    Any chance of getting the online articles posted as PDF files? It would make
    citing of the articles much easier.

    Karl V. Evans

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    << Hi everyone,
     Allan Harvey asked a question the other day to which I replied with
     some info from the ASA web site. I wanted to walk folks through the
     ASA website tool that I used to find the answer. Perhaps others will
     find this tool useful in the future.
     Allan asked about the Draper and White warfare between Christianity
     and science thesis. The question rang a little bell in my head that
     there was a PSCF journal article on the subject, but I couldn't
     remember the details.
     So I went to the web page at and clicked on the
     "Search the database of Perspectives in Science and Christian Faith
     (PSCF) and the Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation
     (JASA)." link in the PSCF section of the home page.
      From there I typed in "war" in the title search field and found 43
     journal titles with "war" in them (some were "Warfield", "toward",
     etc). The 4th one listed was the Lindberg and Numbers paper, and, lo
     and behold, there was a web link showing that this article was
     on-line. Click on the link and, presto! there is the article
     "answering" Allan's question with a decent bibliography. (The article
     happens to be a reprint of the 1986 "Church History" that a couple of
     people mentioned.)
     The journal database is up-to-date through June 2001 with most the of
     effort through 1996 being that of Paul Arveson. Jack Haas and I
     continue to put journal articles on-line and as we do the database
     reflects those additons. We will soon have most of the 90's decade
     on-line and linked to the journal index.
     You can also use the new Google site index (available from the front
     page, with some refinements at
     This index is at the mercy of Google, but their web indexing is very
     impressive. We've got a bit of a problem with the multiplicity of
     domain names for the ASA site ( and as the
     main names with only being active now--BTW if you find a
     URL on a search engine with as the site simply replace with and you should find the web page.
     Please make use of this resource and pass on to me any suggestions
     for improvement that you might have.

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