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Date: Mon Jan 14 2002 - 13:44:35 EST

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    writes (quoting Phil Johnson):

    > >Disenchantment with Freud turned Crews towards Darwin, and then to Richard
    > >Dawkins-style aggressive atheism. Many Darwinists try to avoid tying
    > >Darwinism too explicitly to atheism, for fear that the Christians will
    > >make serious trouble if they are not offered a fig leaf to cover their
    > >cognitive nakedness. Hence the patently insincere "compatibilism" of the
    > >PBS Evolution series (scoffingly dubbed "the neutered Darwin" by the
    > >Internet magazine Slate), which insists that Darwinism, including even
    > >such blatantly ideological branches as evolutionary psychology, is opposed
    > >only by Genesis literalists. The series shows biology professor Kenneth
    > >Miller taking Roman Catholic Communion to convey the impression that
    > >Darwinism is compatible even with the most traditional forms of
    > >Christianity.
    > >
    > >Fred Crews will have none of this prevarication. He dismisses Stephen Jay
    > >Gould's lofty concept that science and religion are "non-overlapping
    > >magisteria" (with science policing the boundary) by remarking that "As
    > >Phillip Johnson has understandably complained, 'This is "separate but
    > >equal" of the apartheid variety." Crews told me that I would hate his
    > >pro-Darwinist essays, but of course I loved them. My goal has been to
    > >carry the case against Darwinism into the intellectual mainstream, and
    > >that effort has spectacularly succeeded when the editors of The New York
    > >Review of Books feel that they have to devote most of two issues to a
    > >defense of the endangered orthodoxy. Besides, my strategy requires driving
    > >a wedge between the atheistical Darwinists and their dupes in the
    > >religious world. Now it looks as if the most uncompromising Darwinists are
    > >going to wield the hammer for me.

    For years on this list, several of us have complained that Phil Johnson:
    1) Advocates a "God of the Gaps" theology where natural explanations (like
    evolution) and God are mutually exclusive.
    2) Is inappropriately un-Christlike in his words toward fellow Christians (we
    "dupes" and "accommodationists" who disagree with him on these issues).

    Every time we raise such a complaint, there are people who defend Johnson and
    ask for evidence behind our complaints. I think the material Keith quoted
    should satisfy all such requests.

    This also makes me wonder if InterVarsity Press, publisher of Johnson's
    books, is aware of this harsh attack, and similar harsh words in the past, by
    Johnson on his fellow Christians. Does IV Press really want to be promoting
    authors who behave like this? Terry Morrison, do you still read this list?

    Allan the cognitively naked dupe

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