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    Thanks for asking Allen, I've been wondering the same thing and would
    appreciate some suggestions. I've also been looking for later 18th and
    early 19th century texts that examine science/religion issues that might be
    somewhat less well known (ie. not Hugh miller, Gray, Aggasiz, etc..).
    Maybe Ted Davis might have a list of recommended literature from this time
    period? Joel
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      Back in the late 1800s, as has been mentioned in some recent discussion
    here, there were a couple of books by Draper and White that advanced the
    "warfare" model between science and Christianity. Those on this list who
    seem to know what they are talking about say that both books are distorted
    and unreliable, and I see allusions to that judgment in other books such as
    Barbour's tome.

      My question is whether there is some book, preferably by a reputable
    academic scholar, that the history experts on this list could recommend for
    pointing out at length the shortcomings of these 2 books?

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