RE: [NEWS] Press Release: Dembski attacks Pennock and MIT Press

Date: Mon Jan 14 2002 - 09:10:36 EST

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    How not to rely on press releases for one's information...

    Earlier, Dembski retracted the threat of a lawsuit against MIT Press
    for copyright violation when it was demonstrated that the Press and
    Pennock had followed the appropriate procedures for securing

    In a recent release, Dembski backs off from claims that Robert Pennock
    didn't contact him prior to publication. Bill now says that he
    misunderstood Robert's email.


    ..wherein Bill airs additional grievances. One comment of Bill's
    that I found personally unconvincing is:

    "According to Pigliucci and Pennock, intelligent design proponents are
    not scholars to be engaged on the intellectual merits of their case.
    Rather, they are charlatans to be discredited, silenced, and stopped."

    I can't speak for Pigliucci (because I haven't read much of his work),
    but I do know that this is a completely erroneous characterization of
    Robert Pennock.

    METANEXUS has now removed Dembski's "Press release". I think that
    site's organizers are now less likely to forward inflammatory press
    releases without first confirming the content for validity or

    Regards, Tim Ikeda
    (email address in transition)

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