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    Funny you should mention that second quote. Bowler also cites it in a
    chapter entitled "The Reaction Against Modernism".

    Karl V. Evans

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    << Here's an interesting letter from William Temple (Archof Cant 1942-4) to
     very liberal Bishop Barnes of Birmingham written in 1930
     My dear Bishop,
     You say that ten years ago a religious teacher who accepted evolution was
     still suspect. suspect to whom? Not to any ecclesiastical authority. When my
     Father (Fred T Arch of Cant 1890s)announced and defended his acceptance of
     evolution in his Brough (sic BAMPTON) Lectures of 1884 it provoked no
     serious amount of criticism. ..., but the particularbattle over evolution
     was already won by 1884.
     You say: "The story of Adam and eve is, of course, incompatible with
     modernknowledge and the serious theologiansets it aside." I should have
     said that the serious theologian never sets anything aside without asking
     what ...of spiritual value has been faultily expressed here... As soon as it
     is realized that the Garden of Eden is a myth, .. because the Fall is ... a
     "fall upwards" seeing that the knowledge of good and evil was obtained.
     Similarly Genesis i, as soon as it is taken as a myth, is an overpoweringly
     good myth.
     Yours ever
     William Ebor
     I shall not comment on this letter but it encapsulates the dominant Anglican
     position (i.e Temple) in the 1930s and how it rejected both extreme liberal
     and conservative positions. I will leave readers to cogitate on it.
     I have some 6 books by Temple including his addresses to Oxfrord univ
     Students of 1931 which my mother, aunt and uncle attended (my father I guess
     did not) . This was an easter present from my aunt to my mother in Easter

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