Re: Dembski

From: Jonathan Clarke (
Date: Fri Jan 11 2002 - 15:12:57 EST

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    Hi John

    You wrote:

    > I hope so, and I even would bet that way, if I were in a position to have
    > to do so. But I inhabit another forum (LISTSERV) where such persons are a
    > decided factor. Without the intellectual prowess of a Dawkins, they just
    > quote or paraphrase him; the effect is the same.

    I would not take the opinions on an electronic list as representative of the
    whole. After all, if I were to decide what Christians thought about
    science-faith issues based on this list I would conclude that most Christians
    were deeply interested, well informed, had carefully thought-out positions,
    and the YEC was a minority opinion :-)



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