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Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 02:06:47 EST

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    Thanks for your reply.

    What I have often wondered about (quantitatively and mathematically) is:
    Why hasn't Darwin's DWM plus Natural Selection (NS) been established to
    be possibly valid with a simple mathematical modeling and simulation (or
    analysis) of the process? This may well have been done and I simply do
    not where to find it. Does anyone know of such a study?

    I tried to model DWM + NS by mathematically choosing an “ENTITY” as a
    string of binary numbers. I allowed the process of change to be random
    (with a probability “p” for each digit). I then used a rule of
    (0=BAD) and (1=GOOD). I allowed a certain number of “NEW GENERATIONS” in
    each step of the program. These were the “DWM”. I then applied “NS” by
    selecting the best 50% (by a sum of the
    digits (as a figure of NS merit) to continue ---- while extinguishing
    the other 50%. Despite this logical extension to preserving the best of
    each new generation, the net result has been (so far) to be no
    particular improvement in survival. That is very confusing to me and I
    surely must be doing something very fundamentally wrong.

    Any advice or comments?


    Walt Hicks <wallyshoes@mindspring.com>

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