Re: [NEWS] Press Release: Dembski attacks Pennock and MIT Press

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Wed Jan 09 2002 - 10:15:04 EST

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    >From: "Michael Roberts" <>

    > Is this ethical of Pennock? I dont think so. Surely a critic can make enough
    > criticisms of ID without resorting to this type of tactic?


    I'll not comment on Pennock's actions until I know more of the story from
    his side.

    However, to provide a bit of balance it might be appropriate to look at a
    sample of Dembski's strategy as well. Here is an excerpt from his book,
    Intelligent Design (IVP, 1999):

    "Itıs for failing to take Occamıs razor seriously that the Darwinian
    establishment despises theistic evolution. Not to put too fine a point on
    it, the Darwinian establishment views theistic evolution as a weak-kneed
    sycophant that desperately wants the respectability that comes with being a
    full-blooded Darwinist but refuses to follow the logic of Darwinism through
    to the end. It takes courage to give up the comforting belief that life on
    earth has a purpose. It takes courage to live without the consolation of an
    afterlife. Theistic evolutionists lack the stomach to face the ultimate
    meaninglessness of life, and it is this failure of courage that makes them
    contemptible in the eyes of full-blooded Darwinists." p. 112. which I'm inclined to reply: "Not to put too fine a point on itŠ."?
    Given that a typical dictionary definition of sycophant is a self-seeking,
    servile flatterer; a fawning parasite, I can scarcely imagine needing to
    resort to criticism any more caustic than that.

    Howard Van Till

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