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Date: Tue Jan 08 2002 - 01:41:16 EST

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    << A friend asked me if I could suggest books or articles which discuss
     Christianity and geology in a general way. He is a believer with a PhD. in
     physics and wants to do some reading. Currently, he is teaching high school
     Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. >>

    Davis Young's Christianity and the Age of the Earth is excellent. On the
    history of the debate between Genesis and Geology he has another book, The
    biblical Flood : a case study of the Church's response to extrabiblical
    evidence /
    Grand Rapids, Mich. : Eerdmans ; Carlisle : Paternoster Press, 1995.

    Although I completely reject the day-age rationalizations, John Wiester's
    book, The Genesis Connection has the almost unrivaled excellence of being
    easy to understand. You can find my own perspective at Bible and

    In answer to creation science Glenn Morton has some good papers on his

    To a large extent the issue is a non-issue once a person understands that in
    Scripture God accommodated his theological revelation to the science of the
    times. The relation between Christianity and geology is no different in
    principle than between Christianity and mechanical engineering.

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