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From: John W Burgeson (
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 13:15:24 EST

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    Howard wrote: "I'll not try to rewrite the definition now, but I would
    suggest that the word "materialism" is entirely out of place. Including
    it makes the common error of defining a scientific concept in a way that
    entails the rejection of any form of theism."

    I think you miss the point. If you wish to argue that their definition of
    "Darwinism" is misplaced, you no doubt have a point. But they are up
    front in defining "Darwinism" a certain way -- and it is for sure that
    many folks think of it with their definition. Like it or not, the word
    "Darwinism" DOES connote the rejection of any form of theism. As such, I
    would argue, the word "Darwinism" is not a scientific concept at all, but
    a philosophical one.

    I suggest to them that they might well indicate on their web site that
    the definition of "Darwinism" is not a tight one, and perhaps they could
    use "Darwinism1" and "Darwinism2" in a way to differentiate.

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