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Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 22:11:06 EST

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    > On that web site -- they give the following definition of Darwinism. Any
    > comments? I happen to think it may be somewhat too specific as to
    > mechanisms. My own variant follows:
    > Site's definition:
    > "the scientific theory which, operating under the philosophies of
    > materialism and naturalism, makes the assertion that life today is the
    > result of purely natural processes, such as the natural chemical origins of
    > the first cell, and a mutatation-selection mechanism causing
    > microevolution, macroevolution, speciation, which account for the origins
    > of all cellular functions, morphologies, and common ancestry through
    > descent with modification for all life forms."

    This plays a sleazy rhetorical trick by lumping the science together with
    philosophical positions that need not accompany it. This allows them to
    present "Darwinism" as something any Christian should oppose. Since most
    people think of "Darwinism" as being synonomous with the theory of evolution,
    they can make it seem like opponents of those philosophical positions must
    oppose the scientific theory of evolution. Treating the philosophical
    baggage some attach to the theory as inseparable from the science is
    shameful, whether the perpetrator is this Website, or Phil Johnson, or
    Richard Dawkins.

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