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Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 12:04:23 EST

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    Oh dear! Where does one start? Many are on the ICR list of Scientists.
    Grasse like me is an evolutionist but not a pure Darwinian, likewise Colin
    Patterson. It's stuff like this that makes me despair as rational argument
    will not have any effect.

    The whole website supports the view that ID is a YEC front and it carefully
    skates round the question of the earth's age.

    I haven't got the time to make the corrections!


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    > While trying to locate someone, I found the following web site. It
    purports to list accredited scientists who are doubtful about Darwinism. It
    also claims a willingness to make corrections. Several of the standard
    misrepresentations are counted, however. Does anyone have the background
    and the time to send corrections?
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