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Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 13:13:10 EST

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    John W Burgeson wrote:

    > On the ASA list, David Campbell wrote: "While trying to locate
    > someone, I found the following web site. It purports to list
    > accredited scientists who are doubtful about Darwinism. It also
    > claims a willingness to make corrections. Several of the standard
    > misrepresentations are counted, however. Does anyone have the
    > background and the time to send corrections?
    >" I looked at it. I am
    > not comfortable with a site that gives equal billing to -- say --
    > Alvin Plantinga and Thomas Barnes (to mention two
    > not-quite-at-random). However, in the text, they write: "The purpose
    > of this document is to list individuals of high academic training who
    > have publicly expressed serious doubts about Darwinism, other
    > naturalistic theories of life's origin, or have expressed support for
    > Intelligent Design theory, either in scientific journals, books,
    > web-documents, letters, or other public statements. Our criteria for
    > this page is that each individual must either 1) have a PH, 2) be a
    > professor at a university or 3) be moderately published in scientific
    > journals, or 4) is a member of a mainstream scientific society." That
    > criteria is fairly stated, and so both Alvin and Thomas necessarily
    > qualify. The site does do a good job of sharpening the issues. 322 or
    > so names, even if YECs are counted, is more than a lonely few. Still
    > -- I wish there could be some additional partitioning. Maybe YEC and
    > ~YEC could be added.

        I didn't notice the listing of Barnes. Formalities aside, this
    shows a total lack of discrimination.
    He is quite inept - as can easily be demonstrated by copious citations
    from his Physics of the Future..



    George L. Murphy
    "The Science-Theology Interface"

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