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    Have you suggest to them that in your opinion they would have a better web site if they differentiated between YEC and none YEC people? I certainly agree that 320 + is a none trivial number but the thing that baffles me more than that is that the number of YEC geologists seems to be slowly growing and I can not figure out what kind of rocks they are looking at to come to that conclusion. I can understand changing a geologist changing their beliefs to bring them into concordance with a changed religious belief, but to claim you changed them because of the data obtained from the rocks continues to escape me. Guess I'll just have to keep looking at more rocks.

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      On the ASA list, David Campbell wrote: "While trying to locate someone, I found the following web site. It purports to list accredited scientists who are doubtful about Darwinism. It also claims a willingness to make corrections. Several of the standard misrepresentations are counted, however. Does anyone have the background and the time to send corrections?

      I looked at it. I am not comfortable with a site that gives equal billing to -- say -- Alvin Plantinga and Thomas Barnes (to mention two not-quite-at-random).

      However, in the text, they write: "The purpose of this document is to list individuals of high academic training who have publicly expressed serious doubts about Darwinism, other naturalistic theories of life's origin, or have expressed support for Intelligent Design theory, either in scientific journals, books, web-documents, letters, or other public statements. Our criteria for this page is that each individual must either 1) have a PH, 2) be a professor at a university or 3) be moderately published in scientific journals, or 4) is a member of a mainstream scientific society."

      That criteria is fairly stated, and so both Alvin and Thomas necessarily qualify. The site does do a good job of sharpening the issues. 322 or so names, even if YECs are counted, is more than a lonely few.

      Still -- I wish there could be some additional partitioning. Maybe YEC and ~YEC could be added.

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