Re: Exegesis or Eisegesis?

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Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 15:13:38 EST

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    Dick Fischer wrote:

    > George Murphy wrote:
    >> Yes, Paul probably did think of Adam as an historical figure.
    >> The writer of Genesis 1
    >> pictured a flat earth with a solid dome of sky & waters above the
    >> heavens. & the point is ... ?
    > After the flood, kingship was restored at Kish, a number of kings
    > reigned there until "Kish was smitten with weapons," and kingship was
    > transferred to Enoch, spelled by the translator "E-Anna(k)." Enoch in
    > time became Erech either because the small town was absorbed by the
    > rising city or for some other reason - maybe just the evolution of
    > place names. If Genesis correctly reported that the city of Enoch was
    > founded by Cain, that is only one man removed from Adam himself.
    > What was known about cosmology 3500 years ago may differ from what we
    > know today, but what we earn in the future about cosmology may change
    > what we currently believe. Science marches on, people and places and
    > geographical landmarks endure. The writer of Genesis named rivers and
    > cities we can identify. That lends credibility. Genesis does not
    > begin: "Once upon a time in a land far, far away ..."
    > My point is there exists too much extra-biblical information that
    > doesn't prove the existence of Adam conclusively, but certainly
    > suggests it. Why were those pyramids carved in Egypt that names
    > "Adam" (Atum) and "Seth," hundreds of years before Moses or even
    > Abraham was born? What would motivate them to make it up?
    > Plus, if we assign Adam to fictional status, what about Noah or
    > Abraham? Phasing in the historical characters is an impossible task.
    > Fictional fathers don't have flesh and blood sons.

            I see no point in continuing this thread since Dick apparently
    has no interest in responding to my arguments.



    George L. Murphy
    "The Science-Theology Interface"

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