Re: Pasteur and nature of science

From: Gordon Simons (
Date: Tue Jan 01 2002 - 09:21:25 EST

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    Ted Davis writes:

    >>I tell my students that scientific knowledge is determined not by
    observations and experiments, but by the outcome of debates about how to
    interpret observations and experiments, and that such debates can be
    influenced by a variety of factors (incl. politics, religion, personality,
    various background beliefs, aesthetic commitments, etc).<<

    Do the parents of your students know that you are indoctrinating their
    children with a post-modern perspective on science?

    If so, do they approve? Or don't they care?

    Are they forewarned, before they send their children to Messiah College,
    that this is what they are purchasing?

    What would you tell a student in your class who then espouses a similar
    view concerning the biblical data surrounding the resurrection of Jesus

    If I ever came to believe what you say about the relationship between
    "observations and experiments" and "scientific knowledge," I would abandon
    my career. I have been taught and believe that data (observations) are
    the life-blood of science, and that I have a moral responsibility to
    handle, report, and, where possible, interpret data with both care and

    (Please don't view this as a flame. Despite my sharply critical response,
    it is a serious posting.)

    Gordon Simons

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