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Date: Sun Dec 30 2001 - 16:53:05 EST

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    Glenn wrote: "A friend pointed me to Burgy's post and asked my opinion on
    it, so I decided to up this on the ASA board. Burgy says that Seely and
    Van Till didn't deal
    with Dick's research. I will deal with the archaeology of the technology
    which he uses to date the time when Adam lived. Conclusion--his research
    sloppy. Burgy is correct that Dick deserves a hearing, as does anyone
    offering a
    suggestion or viewpoint. But one can't, as Burgy suggests, simply
    the rejections which have been based on theological points."

    Glenn -- I think it was Wally, not I, who made those points. The idea
    that Adam, as characterized in early Genesis, is a literal person, does
    not seem very likely to me -- probably because of my faith background.
    Arguments that he was a literal human always seem to me to be missing the
    place of the Genesis accounts, as well as not really very important. One
    needs to be much more a literalist than I to even take such arguments
    seriously, let alone ascribe to them any credibility.

    Have a great 2002, my friend.

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