Re: Dick Fischer deserves a hearing

From: Walter Hicks (
Date: Mon Dec 31 2001 - 00:25:24 EST

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    O.K. Glenn

    Igive up to your superiour knowledge!

    Now let's hear you theory that satisfies all of these and leaves somne
    of the Christain faith intact.


    Glenn Morton wrote:

    > Walter, you didn't do anything of the sort. When and where do you
    > place Adam--be specific. Without specifics you have no defendable
    > viewpoint. Where was the flood? Was it universal or local? Where are
    > the deposits that it left behind? How widespread were these inferior
    > people who died off? What behaviors made them different and ill-fit to
    > survive? Was Adam living when sheep and goats were domesticated? Were
    > there really only 7 generations between him and Tubal-Cain who
    > invented iron working around 2000 BC?? Did Tubal-Cain live a couple
    > of thousand years so that he could invent both copper and iron
    > smelting practices?Your 'theory' as delivered here doesn't answer any
    > of these questions and the hundreds of others I could ask. Theories
    > answer questions. If you want to believe the Bible regardless of the
    > data, as you seem to indicate, then believe the Bible and leave the
    > science and data alone and don't claim that you are fitting things in
    > with data when you aren't.
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