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Date: Wed Dec 26 2001 - 08:39:17 EST

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    Every day, a few thousand pounds of space dust settles on the earth.
    The only mass leaving earth is the occasional satellite we toss up.
    Therefore, over time, the earth is becoming more massive. Hence, the
    force of gravity on earth IS increasing. Those of you including a plan
    to lose weight in your New Years resolutions should reconsider.

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    Fear not--as long as there is a corresponding increase in levity.
    Joy to all!

    Dan Eumurian

    Dick Fischer wrote:
    > Walt Hicks wrote:
    > You should all be advised that I finally have empirical
    > evidence that the Force of Gravity has been rapidly
    > increasing in the last decade. The factual evidence (data)
    > is the Annual Christmas Tree Event at tour household. Each
    > year, I put up and then take down an artificial Christmas
    > tree. I tote it up from the basement in December and bring
    > it back down in January. For years now, it has become
    > increasingly obvious that it gains weight each year. I
    > really had to huff and puff to get in upstairs this year.
    > Now we all know that mass is conserved (There are no nuclear
    > reactions taking place in our home.). Therefore, the only
    > valid conclusion is that the Force of Gravity (on Earth) is
    > increasing!!!!
    > This fact is also confirmed by my indicated weight on the
    > household scale as time progresses. How will we, as
    > Scientists, deal with this valid DATA? Does it have any
    > religious significance?
    > Yes, you have found a valid explanation for a floating axe head.
    > Merry Christmas to all!
    > Dick Fischer - The Origins Solution -
    > "The answer we should have known about 150 years ago"

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