Re: "The Real Meaning of Christmas"

Date: Tue Dec 25 2001 - 23:15:23 EST

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    George Murphy quoted:

    > "Ach Herr, du Schoepfer aller Ding,
    > wie bist du worden so gering,
    > dass du da liegst auf duerrem Gras,
    > davon ein Rind und Esel ass?"
    > "Ah Lord, the maker of us all
    > how hast thou grown so poor and small,
    > that there thou liest on withered grass,
    > the supper of the ox and ass?'

    I grew up with the word "manger" and it didn't
    even occur to me until long after my conversion
    to Christianity that a "manger" is nothing but
    a "feeding trough". Even Christ's entry into our
    world seems more shocking as I become older (and
    hopefully wiser). If nothing else, considered
    thoughtfully, the Biblical message is a profound
    challenge to all complacency.

    by Grace alone we proceed,

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