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From: Bjoern Moeller (
Date: Tue Dec 25 2001 - 06:39:11 EST

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    To the few Norwegians out there I have a minor concern
    regarding a book I received for Christmas.

    It's called "Herakles Gylne Epler", and is authored by
    Aril Edvardsen, and I wonder if any of you have read
    it, or perhaps know anything about it. It's
    Edvardsen's attempt to create an evidentialist
    apologetic for the truth of the Bible based on
    sciences such as paleontology, metrology, archeology,
    geology, anthropology, mythology, etc., and he draws
    on scientists such as Thor Heyerdahl and other radical

    I'm very skeptical whenever any Norwegian Pentecostal
    writes about science, but of course that doesn't mean
    he's wrong.

    Inge Frette, Stein StrÝmme, or anyone else; anything
    to add?


    Bjorn Moller


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