Science of the Gaps (Re: God acting in creation #4+++)

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Date: Sun Dec 23 2001 - 00:22:10 EST

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    george murphy wrote:

    > This is not an accurate statement of either my view or (I think)
    > Howard's. I certainly wouldn't say that "God [is] doing nothing anymore" but
    > that God is acting within the limits of the patterns characterizing natural
    > processes. This need not mean that all the information was stored somewhere
    > in the first seconds of the universe. We don't understand how the requisite
    > information can be generated by natural processes but that points to a need for
    > better scientific understanding rather than an appeal to direct divine action,
    > which would be a classic example of a God of the gaps argument.

    Why is valid for scientists to assume that all unknown phenomena must be explained
    by "God acting within the limits of natural causes", but invalid for anyone to
    suggest that perhaps God may have had a direct hand in it? The Bible seems to
    suggest that God is not shy about interacting with His Universe.


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