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Date: Wed Dec 19 2001 - 10:29:57 EST

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    << In the meantime, I am more inclined to use the term 'non-coercive' in place
    of 'persuasive.' In some contexts I speak of God's non-coercive action in
    the language of 'blessing.' For instance, when I asked for God's blessing on
    my surgery some time ago, I was not asking God to force (coerce) any member
    of the surgical team (or any of the molecules and cells of my body) to do
    things that they were not capable of doing. I was asking God to act
    (non-coercively) in such a way that the actions of all of these creatures
    would be fruitful (from my perspective). Am I able to translate that concept
    of divine blessing action into the terminology of physics, chemistry or
    biology? No, but that doesn't bother me in the least. I still pray for God's
    blessing on the actions of members of the creation.


    I'm with you on preferring 'non-coercive' to 'persuasive'. Besides the
    reasons you give, I find non-coercive to be open-ended, leaving us free look
    for various ways God might work, of which one might be persuasion.

    Please let me know when and wherre Griffin will be speaking. I would like to
    hear him, too.


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