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Date: Wed Dec 19 2001 - 02:15:41 EST

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    george murphy wrote:

    > 1) As I noted earlier, the "rivers section" of Gen.2 indicates that
    > that account refers to our present world (in which at least 2 of those
    > rivers are identifiable). This doesn't require that it be historical
    > narrative but whatever it is it's about our earth.

    I disagree. That does not prove that it is our Earth, nor does it prove
    that it not historical. If it is historical, it could not be our Earth.

    > 2) Was that first universe not one of increasing entropy? If Adam or
    > Eve put a bucket of hot water next to one of cold water did they not
    > come to a common temperature? For that matter, the chemical reactions
    > their lives required couldn't have operated without the 2d law.

    Pish! That sounds like a physicist who likes to define what God can or
    cannot create. Why not a universe without the physical laws that you
    have come to know and love? If you want to force fit a single universe
    theory, then you are pretty much required to consider much of Genesis 2
    & 3 to be a myth or legend. I prefer to take the Bible at face value.

    > 3) You assume that the 2 creation accounts must be reconcilable as
    > historical accounts but there is no need to make this assumption.
    > Questions about what God could do are irrelevant. The Bible deals
    > with the one world God has created, not Dreamtimes, parallel worlds,
    > &c.

    If I take the Bible at face value, I see a world (in Genesis 2 & 3)
    where men came before animals and beasts could speak. Where does the
    Bible say that God created only one world and that the story of Adam and
    Eve is some sort of a fable? Jesus seemed to think that Genesis 2 and 3
    was "historical"


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