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Date: Tue Dec 18 2001 - 06:30:57 EST

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    << PS: "Coercion" and "persuasion" are not in the same category. Persuasion
    be effective, but it is a non-coercive action.

    OK. To all you physicists, George, Howard, Joe, and others: I should have
     known better than to use the analogy that I did. So I will back off it.

    Howard (and anyone else who wants to chip in), would you kindly explain in
    physical, chemical or biological terms the difference between "persuasion"
    and "coercion"? Do you use the term "persuasion" in your model? You clearly
    favor it. Specifically, if my "field" example is coercive, what is a an
    example of a persuasive one?

    Thanks to you all for your instructive comments. I am now signing off this


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