Interventionist? (Was: Re: God acting in creation #4+++)

Date: Tue Dec 18 2001 - 05:42:01 EST

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    << So, avoiding the "miraculous interventionist" phrase you resist, can we
    characterize your position as "supernatural interventionist?" >>


    Thanks for your persistence. I accept the term supernatural.

    I looked up the word "interventionist" on my computer's thesaurus and came up
    with these synonyms--domineering, officious, dominant, interfering. In the
    dictionary definition of the term, the word "interference" appears
    prominently. The word has too many negative connotations to serve my
    purpose, so I do not accept it.

    The term that best fits my definition is _supernatural development_. The
    words, "develop" and "developer" have a number of dictionary definitions.
    The one that gives the meaning best suited to my position is: "to conduct
    through a series of changes each of which is preparatory for the next."

    Hope that helps.


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