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Date: Sun Dec 16 2001 - 18:35:42 EST

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    > You wrote: I just wish you would go ahead and admit that this is a
    > miraculous interventionist position, so that we could move forward and
    > discuss its scientific and theological merits rather than trying to pin you
    > down on what sort of divine action you envision.
    > I trust you can now see why I have no intention of admitting that my
    > position is a miraculous interventionist position. I am doing exactly
    > what your wish--trying to discuss its scientific and theological merits.

    OK, we appear to be operating under different definitions of "miraculous."
    From your earlier message to George that I quoted, I thought you were
    including "setting aside the laws of nature" in any context in your definiton
    of a miracle. It sounds now like only if that "setting aside" is for
    redemptive purposes do you use that word. That's fine, now that you have
    made your definition of terms clear (at least I hope I have understood you
    this time).

    So, avoiding the "miraculous interventionist" phrase you resist, can we
    characterize your position as "supernatural interventionist?" That seems to
    be a fair description of a postion in which God reaches in (I think it is
    irrelevant to the type of divine action whether this consists of pushing
    around individual molecules or turning on some more nebulous driving force as
    in your magnet analogy) and puts molecules into patterns they could not
    attain naturally. I hate to keep harping on this, but I think if we are
    going to discuss the theological merits of your position we need to be clear
    about what kind of divine action you are postulating.

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