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Date: Sun Dec 16 2001 - 17:10:14 EST

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    << Yes, that has been my understanding of your position -- that God, by direct

    action on atoms and molecules, ORGANIZED matter into new configurations from

    time to time. These new configurations (that could not have been achieved by

    atoms and molecules using only their God-given formational capabilities)

    then have properties and capabilities that had never before been actualized

    (even if they had been there potentially). >>


    I still resist your depiction of my positiion--<<that God, by direct action
    on atoms and molecules, ORGANIZED matter into new configurations from time to
    time>>. The way you describe my position is too reductionistic, in my view.
    My position is closer to a systems or field approach, from the little I know
    of systems theory in biology. The analogy I gave to Allan Harvey I will
    repeat below:

    Suppose you have iron filings scattered about randomly on a sheet of paper,
    and underneath it is a wire attached to an electrical power source. You run
    a current through it and the iron filings are organized into the pattern of
    an electromagnetic field. Simple middle school demonstration. I think I got
    it straight, didn't I?

    I have, however, never heard a physicist say that the iron filings were
    _coerced_ or _persuaded_ into the pattern they take. God's action
    analogically calls new patterns and systems into being, much as the
    electromagnetic field brings the pattern in the iron filings into being. As
    I said, God's action in nature is more like a field or a wave, than a
    reductionist/particle approach which I think you have used to characterize
    my position.

    I accept my position as being a sub-category within the progressive creation
    model, which I call for now, staged progressive developmental creation,
    under the umbrella of the ID movement.

    I'll have to dig into Griffin's book.

    Thanks for your comments, and have a peaceful, meaningful Christmas.


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