Re: Response to: What does the creation lack?

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Fri Dec 14 2001 - 11:31:56 EST

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    You are quite correct, of course, to note that my one-sentence reference to
    the formulation of the doctrine of the Trinity was historically less than
    adequate. My point was simply to remind Dave that this doctrine was
    constructed from portions of the biblical text in a particular
    ecclesiastical and political context, and that it drew from more than text
    alone. (It certainly drew from the philosophical heritage of the Roman
    world.) As you noted,

    Various philosophical, literary &c tools are used in the development of a
    "doctrine of the Trinity" which is based on revelation, & thus the way the
    church expresses belief in the Trinity will be to a certain extent

    ..... Sola scriptura can't mean that we use only the Bible to develop our
    theology: We wouldn't even know how to read the Bible in its original
    languages if we did that. It's clear today that the ways in which we
    express some doctrines, such as those concerning creation & original sin
    should take into account scientific developments that the biblical writers
    weren't aware of.

    Nonetheless, it is probably the case that I am more inclined than most on
    this list to incorporate extra-biblical considerations in constructing a
    personal theology.


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