Re: criticising scientific naturalism (fwd)...anecdote about science held hostage

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Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 15:26:27 EST

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    I thought Howard is redeemed so that's that.

    I confess to being annoyed at criticisms that H has not criticised
    scientific atheism. He has as should be clear to all. May I suggest more
    careful criticisms to avoid hurt.

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    > >From: Joel Cannon <>
    > > It happened that year that four of my best (and favorite) students
    > > were quite avowedly secular. These bright students (one was truly
    > > exceptional) were so agitated by what Howard said that they could not
    > > write a coherent paper. They even went so far as to question the
    > > character of that mean guy Howard Van Till (I think one said something
    > > akin to Howard being a "slasher").
    > >
    > > This was truly a delightful change for me since I was used to having
    > > fundamentalists attack the book (and myself for assigning it and
    > > liking it). I passed the papers on to Howard so he could have the joy
    > > of being attacked from the left for a change.
    > Joel,
    > Yes, I was happy for something to balance (in small part) the criticism
    > comes from the other direction.
    > Howard the Mean
    > Howard the Slasher
    > Howard the Redeemable
    > (Take your pick)

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