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Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 20:10:43 EST

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    >From: to Ted Davis

    > You wrote <<let me just point to Van Till's book, Science Held Hostage, as
    > an ideal example of just this.>> An example of what? A critique of
    > evolutionism? It has been a long time since I read Howard's book, and my
    > copy is still in storage. But as I recall it, it was a criticism of creation
    > scientists, YECs, who were the ones holding science hostage. Howard can
    > correct me if I am wrong.

    Yes, Bob, I find the selectivity of your memory quite remarkable. The book's
    full title is Science Held Hostage: What's Wrong with Creation Science AND
    Evolutionism. Please note the last word in the subtitle; it seems to have
    slipped your memory. The book has nine chapters. Three of them are highly
    critical of vocal preachers of maximal naturalism (which includes
    evolutionism). I wrote two of those chapters.

    Following is a list of those chapters and other examples of my critiques of
    maximal naturalism.

    Howard Van Till


    SCIENCE HELD HOSTAGE: What's Wrong with Creation Science AND Evolutionism,
    by Howard J. Van Till, Davis A. Young and Clarence Menninga (Downers Grove,
    IL: InterVarsity Press, 1988).

    SCIENCE HELD HOSTAGE, Chap. 8: "A Masquerade of Science" -- a critique of
    P. W. Atkins.

    SCIENCE HELD HOSTAGE , Chap. 9: "Saganıs COSMOS: Science Education or
    Religious Theater?"

    "Sagan's COSMOS: Fact or Fancy?" The Banner, January 19, 1981, pp. 12,13.

    "Carl Sagan: Master and Mythmaker" The Christian Reader, July/August, 1981,
    pp. 12-15.

    "No Place for a Small God," published as a chapter in John Marks Templeton,
    ed., How Large is God? (Philadelphia: Templeton Foundation Press, 1997), pp.
    113-136. Contains a strongly critical examination of Daniel Dennettıs book,
    Darwinıs Dangerous Idea.

    "No Place for a Small God," American Outlook, November/December, 2000, pp.
    17-19. (Shortened version of above entry)

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