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    We flood Catastrophist would interpret the Black Sea rising this way:

    During the Ice Age that Followed the global flood catastrophe, the Ice
    sheets captured much of the oceans waters, significantly lowering the sea
    levels. The Black Sea was much smaller and lower because of the Ice. Over
    the last 200 years of the Ice age as the Ice melted, all the feeder rivers
    to the Black sea -- Danube, Dnestr, Dnepr, Don -- were in high flood state
    (Besides those coming from Turkey). The Black Sea grew rapidly in size and
    depth over settlements along the shore. The Mediterranean also rose in
    elevation due to the melt of the ice. If there was any movement of water
    through the Bosphorus Strait it probably was not catastrophic (at least to
    the extent proposed by Pitman and Ryan).

    Allen Roy
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    > Did Noah really need the Ark?
    > Two sets of geologists are having a flood feud. The Americans say they
    > proof that the Great Deluge happened just when the Bible says it did. The
    > Canadians say it's hogwash. KEVIN COX reports
    > By KEVIN COX
    > Saturday, December 8, 2001 - Print Edition, Page F6

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