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    >My question has been, Why limit the "data" of theology to the biblical text alone? I'm eager for theology to be a vital and contemporary discipline that is as relevant to the continuing human experience as are the sciences. Why treat God as essentially silent (non-revelatory) since the Church chose to close the canon?<

    In addition to the problems of choosing among the competing claims for authoritative supplements, discussed by others already, there are the relevant Scriptural passages. Most important are the passages such as Hebrews 1:1-2 that declare God's revelation to be complete in Christ. More explicit about the termination of new revelation, though less explicit about the timing of this change, is Zech. 13:2-6.

    Human nature does not change, nor does God's solution to its problems, so there is no need for new data to make theology relevant. The ongoing and constantly changing situation is how to communicate this theology.

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