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Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 13:16:53 EST

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    The main purpose of my Christian Century article was to comment on the ID
    movement (that's what I was asked to do), by reviewing some ID books. It
    was not to attach scientific naturalism. However, I certainly did do so,
    among other places here:

    "All too frequently science
    becomes a weapon in culture wars, denying in practice the clean theoretical
    distinction between science and religion that is
    otherwise widely proclaimed. As Provine put it in a recent public
    statement, "evolution is the greatest engine of atheism ever
    invented." Johnson's audience would be much smaller if scientists like
    Provine and Dawkins did not make it so easy for him to
    equate evolution and MN with atheism, but in fact they do speak for a good
    number of scientists (not to mention other academics)
    who like to project the public image of science as a highly secular,
    rational enterprise that challenges or flatly contradicts religious
    interpretations of reality. Because this image flies in the face of a
    highly religious American public, antievolutionism will not go
    away any time soon, whether or not Johnson and his associates convince many
    scientists to adopt their program."

    There are other places, esp at the end, where I do this. I was not writing
    about that aspect, however, so it isn't a large theme of that essay. I
    pointed to it simply to call Bob's attention to the fact that I do this in
    various places.

    Ted Davis

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