Re: Evolution Statement (corrected)

From: Michael Roberts (
Date: Sun Dec 09 2001 - 15:24:12 EST

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    > Then do experiments to test the validity of your claims. But do not rest
    > what nature has already done since that is history not science.

    I get sick of those who cannot/will not recognise historical science
    and assume physics is the only true science.Was it Bragg who said "all
    science is physics the rest is stamp-collecting". What Moorad does is to
    assume that science must always be experimental and simply ignores what
    William Whewell called the palaeoaetiological sciences way back in c1840.

    Historical and experimental sciences have different but overlapping
    methodologies. There ARE parallels between historical science and human
    history as both depend on ancient evidence. One artefacts are used in
    history we have moved away from relying on human recorders (as if an
    eyewitness is always reliable)

    I cant help feeling that Moorad and others simply balnk out historical


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