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Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 10:27:58 EST

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    The prototype of historical science is forensic science. One makes assumptions
    and views the existing data to confirm the assumptions. But one ought not
    confuse the assumptions with the conclusions----evolutionary theory assumes
    something and cannot conclude unambiguously that the assumption is a fact. The
    predictions are backward in time, whereas in an experimental science like
    physics, the predictions are mostly forward in time. Moorad

    >===== Original Message From (Keith B Miller) =====
    >I have stated this several times in previous posts -- historical science IS
    >predictive. Hypotheses are continually being tested by comparing
    >expectations of the hypotheses with future observations. It doesn't matter
    >that the events being reconstructed are in the past, only that the specific
    >observation or data was unknown to the investigator previous to the
    >prediction. This is done all the time. In my own research I am
    >continually testing my expectation against new observations. If they prove
    >out, my confidence in my hypothesis increases, if they don't that
    >confidence is weakened. If expectation are frequently not met, the
    >hypothesis is abandoned. That is the way all scientific theorizing works.
    >The recent discovery of the walking whales from Pakistan are a great
    >example within the field of paleontology.
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