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Date: Fri Dec 07 2001 - 13:02:03 EST

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    I don't think I saw anything in the evolution statement about
    "hanging my soul" on the current version. It seems that you are the
    one turning evolution into a religion, not the evolutionary


    >There is no evidence to rule out the possibility that the Universe is
    >If the Universe is infinite then all our collective human "knowledge" is
    >infinitesimal relative to that infinity.
    >Therefore we might be DROWNING in uncertainties.
    >As long as we might be DROWNING in uncertainties, there is no way for us to
    >determine the
    >probability of us DROWNING in uncertainties.
    >We simple don't know how much we don't know.
    >So for us to extrapolate anything on to a possible infinite universe from
    >the vantage point of an
    >infinitesimal insight is the height of arrogance.
    >Since science might have an infinite number of revisions, why hang your soul
    >on the current version ?
    >What canít the universe start with ?
    >I pity the poor God that is limited by your imagination.
    >I wish scientist's would stick to their own knitting...the practical realm,
    >where they can round off all the infinities they want.
    >Leave the big answers to the philosophers.
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    >Evolutionary theory, as it is practices is a forensic science. It
    >could, in theory, be tested as a scientific process by taking a 'target'
    >life form, dividing it into two (or more) breeding colonies that can't
    >intermix, and wait to see what happens. It is likely that you'd have to
    >study the beings for a long time, but if you had genetic records of each
    >generation then you could record evolution as fact.
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    >I looked over the review that you wrote and it seems to me that the fact
    >that Casti gives quantum mechanics a "D" in explanation and an "A" in
    >prediction tells me much of what Casti means by the word explanation.
    >Nature is rather complicated and the attempt of quantum mechanics to
    >describe it is quite successful. One ought not to demand the kind of
    >explanations one feels comfortable with but instead find the one that
    >may be imposing on us. If one has not a well defined meaning of what
    >is, then it is quite easy to confuse science with human reasoning. I
    >often said that the subject matter of science is data collected by
    >devices. The human mind makes inferences from that data to develop
    >Evolutionary theory is forensic science and as such can never say that
    >evolution is a fact. Let us not turn the hypothesis of the
    >into a fact---that is not only bad logic but also a deception!!!

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