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Date: Fri Dec 07 2001 - 09:52:54 EST

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    I looked over the review that you wrote and it seems to me that the fact
    that Casti gives quantum mechanics a "D" in explanation and an "A" in
    prediction tells me much of what Casti means by the word explanation.
    Nature is rather complicated and the attempt of quantum mechanics to
    describe it is quite successful. One ought not to demand the kind of
    explanations one feels comfortable with but instead find the one that nature
    may be imposing on us. If one has not a well defined meaning of what science
    is, then it is quite easy to confuse science with human reasoning. I have
    often said that the subject matter of science is data collected by physical
    devices. The human mind makes inferences from that data to develop theories.
    Evolutionary theory is forensic science and as such can never say that
    evolution is a fact. Let us not turn the hypothesis of the evolutionists
    into a fact---that is not only bad logic but also a deception!!! Moorad

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    > Moorad wrote: "Science is more than explanations. The overriding priority
    > in science is prediction. The present model of the solar system allowed
    > us to put a man on the moon. Such feat is based on the predictions that
    > our theory makes. In physics we used to call something phenomenology
    > when we would cook-up explanations for experimental data for which there
    > was no real theory. I think the theory of evolution is, at best,
    > phenomenology and does not have the credentials to be called a
    > full-fledged scientific theory."
    > As a onetime physicist, I'd agree with Moorad that PHYSICS has prediction
    > as an overriding priority. But not necessarily all science.
    > Dr. John Casti's book, Search for Certainty, is a very well written
    > discussion of the two "goals" of science, explanation and prediction. I
    > wrote a review on this book which appears on the ASA web site as well as
    > on my own web site (below). Moorad -- you need to read and understand
    > this approach to the scientific community. The review in a link on page
    > two, section 3. Casti also wrote Paradigms Lost, another excellent
    > discussion of these issues, and I have a link to a review of it also on
    > the website.
    > John Burgeson (Burgy)
    > (science/theology, quantum mechanics, baseball, ethics,
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