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Date: Thu Dec 06 2001 - 17:38:38 EST

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    Moorad wrote: "Science is more than explanations. The overriding priority
    in science is prediction. The present model of the solar system allowed
    us to put a man on the moon. Such feat is based on the predictions that
    our theory makes. In physics we used to call something phenomenology
    when we would cook-up explanations for experimental data for which there
    was no real theory. I think the theory of evolution is, at best,
    phenomenology and does not have the credentials to be called a
    full-fledged scientific theory."

    As a onetime physicist, I'd agree with Moorad that PHYSICS has prediction
    as an overriding priority. But not necessarily all science.

    Dr. John Casti's book, Search for Certainty, is a very well written
    discussion of the two "goals" of science, explanation and prediction. I
    wrote a review on this book which appears on the ASA web site as well as
    on my own web site (below). Moorad -- you need to read and understand
    this approach to the scientific community. The review in a link on page
    two, section 3. Casti also wrote Paradigms Lost, another excellent
    discussion of these issues, and I have a link to a review of it also on
    the website.

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