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Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 09:03:31 EST

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    I am no adherent to Thomas and his Aristotelianism, holding that Augustine
    and Plato represent a more coherent biblical position. As for where we go
    from there, I adhere firmly to the sola scriptura of the reformers.

    Since my approach is delimited by revelation, I have no place for views that
    contradict the Word. ... I reject many of the pronouncements of
    contemporary philosophers and theologians for being incoherent and

    Question: What would be the scientific equivalent of the sola scriptura
    approach to theology (crafting a theology with only the biblical text as

    One answer: Choosing to base astronomy solely on naked eye observations, as
    was the practice two millennia ago -- the sola eyeballa approach.

    I think you will conclude that [process theology] makes less sense than
    atheism, and is not compatible with the biblical statements about the
    knowledge and being of the Trinity.

    Comment: The concept of the Trinity was worked out (in the midst of much
    ecclesiastical controversy) by philosophers/theologians several centuries
    after the writing of the biblical text. As you well know, there is no
    reference to "The Trinity" in the scriptures.

    Dave, I think we've both made our positions clear on this. I don't do
    astronomy by the sola eyeballa approach, and I don't do theology by the sola
    scriptura approach. Limiting one's data set does have the attractive feature
    of stabilizing the process of theory formulation, but the cost of that
    stability is very high -- the contribution of continuing human observation
    and experience must be ignored. I see no way to justify that.

    You have made different choices. You may have the last word if you like.


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