Re: God acting in creation #3

Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 07:25:45 EST

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    <<_Nor do I intend to forbid God to act as God chooses. But exceptions are
    exception, & I think we should guard against using the resurrection of Jesus,
    e.g., to provide a rationale for invoking numerous miraculous interventions -
    especially when they are not things witnessed to by revelation but simply
    scientifically puzzling phenomena. >>


    I do not accept the implication that my position requires miracles,
    conceptual spinoffs from the resurrection of Jesus. You keep laying miracles
    on my position. Staged creation is adding capabilities to creation, not
    setting aside the laws of nature, or acting outside these laws for redemptive
    purposes, as I see miracles.

    Staged creations are exceptions from your frame of reference, not mine.
    Theologically speaking, I see no problem with saying that staged creation was
    planned from the beginning of creation.

    But I think we are repeating ourselves.

    I hope the best of Advent seasons for you,


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