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Date: Sat Dec 01 2001 - 07:30:30 EST

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    << Claims by ID advocates such as Dembski and Johnson that evolution implies
    atheism, that methodological naturalism implies atheism, that either God or
    mindless molecular processes achieved something, and similar statements rule
    out the possibility of God cooperating with natural processes in His
    providence. >>


    Please separate Dembski from Johnson. Now give me, with chapter and verse if
    you will, where Bill has made the statements you charge him with.

    As for Phil and the implication that evolution implies atheism: I think he
    has history largely on his side when he says so He also has the theologian,
    Charles Hodge in his corner. Is not the criticism deserved by the
    evolutionist Richard Dawkins, and the philosopher, Daniel Dennett, than whom
    more outspoken atheistic defenders of evolution and bashers of Christianity
    and religion in general would be hard to find.

    As far as I know, IDers do not pit God against mindless molecular processes
    or claim that God does not cooperate with natural processes. As I understand
    those in the ID community, they say that these concepts are not enough to
    explain intelligent design nor do these concepts rule out intelligent design.

    You said, <<Presenting certain things and not others as intelligently
    designed, based on the criterion that the former purportedly require
    non-natural intervention, implies that intelligent design requires
    non-natural intervention. I include activities by intelligent aliens as
    non-natural. >>

    Nowhere, as far as I know, do Dembski, Behe, Nelson, or Wells claim that
    non-natural intervention is the criterion of intelligent design. Please tell
    me, if you will, what evidence you have to support such a charge.

    Thanks for your comments.



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