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    On a similar inquiry, does anyone know about the reliability of David Rohl? I tried a web search a little while ago and got less than helpful results. He claims that the conventional archaeological chronology is miscalibrated, due to misidentification of the Pharoah Shishak of the Bible, overlooking concurrence of two Egyptian dynasties, etc. Correcting these purported errors results in excellent agreement between the the archaeological and Biblical accounts, as he interprets them, though the miraculous is ruled out.

    The general dismissal of previous ideas is a bad sign, but he does give explanations, rather than simply rejecting them because they disagree.

    I found one website that critiqued a different author's "Who was the Pharoah of the Exodus"?. In passing, it mentioned Rohl as a similar sort of crank. However, this website was produced by a Mormon archaeology organization, which does not lend credence to its reliability. Rohl fan web pages likewise seem unreliable. Another page associated it with various tabloid archaeology ideas and proclaimed it to be the book banned by the British Museum, but the prominence of "Buy this book" suggests mainly marketing ploys rather than necessarily a reflection on the merits of the book. I found one site providing an exchange between Rohl and an established Egyptologist, but it only had conflicting interpretations of details of Egyptian archaeology, e.g. "The dynasties could not have overlapped because Oshkosh I, first of the 22nd dynasty, married the daughter of Rutentuten II, last of the 21st dynasty." "The records do not have I or II, and I say it was Oshkosh II who married the !
    daughter of Rutentuten I" (Actual names of pharoahs withheld pending sufficient inclination to look up the website again.)

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