Re: Seely's response to AIG

Date: Wed Oct 31 2001 - 14:16:32 EST

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    << Just wanted to point out that Paul Seely has made the front page of AiG's
     web site today with his response to one of their articles. I just wanted to
     publically think Paul for putting forth the effort to continue his dialogue
     there. I think that the efforts to attack the YEC front from what they
     think is their strength (correct understanding of Scripture) are possibly
     much more valuable than all the efforts some of us expend attempting to show
     their science is, well, suspect. Regards, Joel >>

    Thank you, Joel.

    My point was simply that they criticize concordists for setting aside
    Scripture and reading modern science into the biblical text, but they do the
    same thing themselves with the sphericity of the earth. Of course, their
    reply attempts to obscures everything.
    I could have written more, but did not think they would publish more. I have
    submitted a paper to Perspectives answering one of their other articles more
    fully. And I have an even better letter coming out soon in the Creation
    Research Society Quarterly.


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