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Date: Wed Oct 31 2001 - 13:55:55 EST

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    Thanks for those recent refs. I hadn't looked at my JME for a couple months.
    I've used to keep very close eye on this literature until about a year ago.
    I wrote a brief rebuttal to a creationists article on the universality of
    the genetic code which Glen Morton put on his web page. It may be of some
    use to some people if they need a general overview of the biology. That
    article is getting a little dated now and I look forward to looking at these
    new articles. At the bottom of my article
    I have a pretty good list of the relevant literature going up through 1999.
    I've pasted just couple in here. Joel

    Castresana, J., G. Feldmaier-Fuchs, and S. Paabo. 1998. Codon reassignment
    and amino acid composition in hemichordate mitochondria. Proceedings
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    Ehara, M., H-I, Yasuko, I. Yuji, and T. Ohama. 1997. Use of a deviant
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    Hayashi-Ishimaru, Y., T. Ohama, Y. Kawatsu, K. Nakamura,and S. Osawa. 1996.
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